The new Caterpillar C-Series articulated dump trucks (models 725C, 730C and 730 EJ) will come with engines that provide greater power, improved transmission control, additional operator amenities, new servicing features and with the 730C and the 730C EJ models – automatic traction control.

Caterpillar have indicated that the release of the new Caterpillar C-Series is a direct result of customer’s request, for an articulated dump truck that can offer increased productivity, reduced operating costs, durability, added retarding capability, ease of operation and high resale value.


Compared to previous models the Cat C9.3 ACERT engine in the new 725C will have a 4% gross power gain and a 20% boost in gross torque, whilst the 730C and the 730EJ will have a 16% gross power gain and a 30% boost in gross torque.


The Cat 6F/1R power-shift transmission electronically modulates clutch engagement pressures for smooth shifts and now incorporates the Caterpillar Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS). The APECS system improves acceleration, maintains torque converter lockup during critical shifts, increases rimpull, provides automatic speed holding, modifies shift points to match operating conditions and reduces retarding forces on lesser grounds in lower gears. These features improve fuel economy, increase productivity and improve overall control of the truck.

The new C-Series 725C, 730C and 730EJ have a constant six wheel drive system and comes with wet disc clutch locks in the axle differentials and the inter axle differential. In the 725C, the traction control system is at the operator’s discretion, whilst in the 730C and 730EJ models, the system is engaged automatically.


The new C-Series dump trucks are fitted with large box section longitudinal beams in the front frame and a four-plate box construction in the rear frame to reduce stress points.

A three point front suspension and walking beam rear suspension absorb haul road impact and facilitate safe, high speed travel. The trucks also have a new design tipping body, using high strength steel that promotes clean dumping and reduces the amount of unloaded materials.

Operator Environment

The new trucks have a large two person cab with an air suspension seat for the operator and a full size forward facing seat for the passenger, a telescopic steering wheel and a wrap around dash with a multi purpose display including a reversing camera. A sloping hood coupled with the operators central seating position and expansive glass area, provides good all round vision for the operator.

External and Lighting

Enhanced headlights and turning indicators improve the trucks visibility during night work and are mounted wider on the machine allowing other site operators greater vision of the trucks movements. A reinforced welded bumper provides greater durability at the front of the truck, whilst a full width engine body pan protects the underside.

 Service and Safety

A new electronic boot opening system, allows easy access for routine services with the radiator mounted at the rear of the truck allowing easy access for regular cleaning. An electronic port provides quick diagnostics at service intervals, whilst extended engine oil and hydraulic oil changes lower maintenance costs.

Stronger Role Over Protection Systems and Falling Objection Protection Systems are installed in the new C-Series dump trucks. Fuel cut off and electrical disconnect are accessible outside of the machine and a body raised alarm system promotes safe travel on site. Handrail systems, slip resistant surfaces and wide angled mirrors further promote safety of the vehicle.


Heavy Vehicle Finance Comments:

It appears that the new C-Series Caterpillar Articulated Dump Truck will provide Mining Operators with a truck that will bring down operating costs, through improved on site efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and improved safety – leading to a decrease in on site accidents.

As we specialise in the finance of Heavy Mining Equipment, we encourage any operator looking to purchase a used or new articulated dump truck, to call our office first so as to discuss the best funding options available.

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