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The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) has released a report, indicating that freight routes in rural South Australia are increasingly damaging trucks using these routes. Drivers are experiencing increased breakdowns, electrical faults and repairs / maintenance costs.

A representative is calling on State and Federal Governments to fix dirt laden and deteriorating trucking routes, even if the routes in question are not major trucking routes. These routes still play an important role in getting goods to rural communities and industries throughout the state, providing goods and services to those residing in these areas. The SARTA representative moves on to say, operators are likely to pass the increased costs of driving on these routes onto consumers, which is not good for the economies of rural communities.

The SARTA representative says, that securing more funding to fix trucking routes in rural areas will be tough as Politian’s do not receive are large number of votes from rural parts of the country compared to votes obtained in the cities. Therefore, Politian’s are likely to turn their back on providing funding for upgrading roads in rural communities.

Source: www.ownerdriver.com.au


It is our experience that truck drivers operating in rural communities, driving on dusty and unsealed conditions, prefer to purchase older trucks that do not contain as much electrical support systems as newer trucks do. It appears that the older trucks are more reliable in such conditions.

Transport Operators, often have problems sourcing truck finance for older trucks, however our team at Heavy Vehicle Finance Pty Ltd, have the ability to provide finance for older used trucks.

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