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Our firm recently financed a 2000 Peterbilt Prime Mover for a Victorian based client operating in the Logging Industry.

If you look on there will generally be a very limited supply of Peterbilt Prime Movers for sale in Australia at any given time. This being said though, often these trucks are snapped up before they officially go on the market or are imported directly from overseas.

Our client was fortunate enough to source a very good second hand Peterbilt Prime Mover, through a private seller in Tasmania and had the Truck shipped across Bass Straight so they could put the truck to work in their logging business. Given certain design features of Peterbilt Prime Movers, they are well suited to the Logging Transport Industry and are highly regarded as a reliable and strong performing unit.

Truck Finance

Finance relating to a Truck that is 15 years old is very hard to secure, with none of the big banks even considering such a deal. However, based on the fact we are specialists in Truck Finance, we were able to source an approval through on of our Private Funders. All we needed from the client to confirm income, was the last three months bank statements on their business trading account and took collateral security over another Prime Mover that was owned outright.

Based on the fact that this deal was a bit outside of the square, the whole process from start to finish took a couple of weeks to finalise. However, our client was happy with the fact they we able to secure finance to purchase a Peterbilt Prime Mover that was well suited to their needs in the Logging Industry.

Not only do we offer great finance rates on new Truck Finance, we also provide competitive finance for used trucks of any make or model and in any location of Australia.

Feel free to contact any one from our office to discuss all Truck Finance proposals, so we can advise as to what options you have available. All of our conversations with clients are obligation and hassle free and would encourage enquiries relating to all types of Truck and Heavy Vehicle Finance.

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