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What is a Work Source Letter?

The below work source letter or work intent letter is an example only and does not represent any actual company in Australia.

However, finance companies might request a work source letter in the following situations;

  • New start business
  • When an additional truck is being purchased and serviceability is tight based on historical financial statements

What is a Work Source Letter?

Please note that a letter of intent is in no way legally binding for either parties but expresses the fact that there is some work intent between two parties.

Things of importance and to be noted on a work source letter that help ascertain the legitimacy of the letter are;

  • Written on company letter head
  • Company name, Australian Business Number, address and phone number
  • Details of the party receiving the intended work
  • Brief explanation of the type of work that will be carried out
  • earnings for the month or hourly rate or km rate
  • Contact name, phone number and position of the person authorising the letter

When Consultants of Heavy Vehicle Finance request a work source letter from our customers – at times questions are asked of us as to what needs to go in this letter.

It is for this reason we have decided to upload this work intent letter to assist our customer when they request such a letter from a larger company that will be providing the work.

This letter has been drafted as a guide only and Heavy Vehicle Finance understands that some companies might have templated work source letters that they issue.

If you have any questions relating to new start truck finance, please do not hesitate to give Heavy Vehicle Finance a call on 1300 788 740.

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