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We are a Finance Company specialising in Truck Finance and Heavy Equipment Finance for businesses in industries such as Transport, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil Construction and Farming.

Truck FinanceUnlike other Financial Institutions or Finance Brokers, we offer only Equipment Finance products to Heavy Industry so we can be true specialists in our field. The decision was made to specialise in this one area of Equipment Finance, so we could position ourselves as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable Asset Finance Companies in Australia.

Heavy Vehicle Finance has been operating for over 15 years and has been able to achieve a reputation as an industry leader, with respect to expert Truck Finance and Heavy Vehicle Finance for the Transport, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil Construction and Farming sectors – Australia Wide.

Our clients are located in all states of Australia as distance is no barrier. We can coordinate formal approvals and settlements over the phone and via email – if a face to face meeting is not possible.


The business model that we follow, means that all employees are shareholders in the company and directly profit from a growing business. Given the fact that our employees profit from a strong and solid business, all employees go above and beyond for our customers – ensuring they receive great deals and great service. This model encourages all employees to profit from putting in 110%, which ultimately benefits the clients of Heavy Vehicle Finance.

Finance Business Model


Heavy Vehicle Finance only employs Finance Consultants that have had either Business Banking or Corporation Banking experience and are looking for an alternative work environment. Through hard work, employees of Heavy Vehicle Finance are rewarded by becoming shareholders in a progressive Finance Company and through self-interest, offer better service to clients compared to when they worked at a major Bank.

Staff Heavy Vehicle Finance

Employees that work for a major Bank have worked hard for many years without any real recognition and at times might only show up to get their weekly wage. However, our business model encourages staff to offer superior customer service so that they profit through expansion of the business. Banks do not offer their staff the same encouragement, which means that customers of Heavy Vehicle Finance are likely to be better looked after than if they went to a major Bank.


“Continue to promote our positive business model to the most experienced professionals in the Finance Industry so we can recruit highly skilled employees to grow Heavy Vehicle Finance into the future. We also seek to further establish our reputation as a leading Equipment Finance Company supporting industries such as Transport, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil Construction and Farming – Australia Wide.“


In 2010, a reputable Australian Consulting Firm released a report indicating that due to the growth of emerging economies throughout the world, there will be increased demand for Australia’s natural resources and primary products – over the next 20 years. This will mean that Australian Industries such as Transport, Earthmoving, Mining, Civil Construction and Farming will experience an upturn in order to support the increased demand for Australian resources.
The report further went on to say, that Specialist Equipment Finance Companies will play an important role in supporting the growth for businesses in these industries, as the need for additional Capital Equipment will surge over the next 2 decades. This report highlighted the importance, that businesses operating in these industries align themselves with a Specialist Equipment Finance Company, to ensure they can maximum their ability to grow their business.
Another important statement tabled in this report, was that with the expansion of the National Broadband Network, will bring customers and businesses closer together. This means that the traditional method of customers going to their local Bank Manager for Truck Finance and Equipment Finance will decline, as they will have greater online access to Specialist Equipment Finance Brokers or Specialist Financiers.
All staff at Heavy Vehicle Finance are optimistic and excited about participating in the growth of the Heavy Industry throughout Australia. We are well poised to take on the increased demand for specialist services relating to Equipment Finance, as customers move away from traditional Banking channels. We have a    strong internet presence and have built a robust website, so that customers can apply for a finance pre-approval online.
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