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Got A Minute?Dozers are categorised as a piece of Heavy Duty Earthmoving / Mining Equipment and can be used in may applications from knocking down trees to clear land for a subdivision or to move large deposits of sand or minerals on a mine site. No matter what your application for a Dozer, finance deals relating to the purchase of such Equipment requires analysis by only the most experienced people in Heavy Equipment Finance and Leasing.


Our team have the most experienced people in Heavy Equipment Finance and Leasing and are very skilled when assessing deals for Heavy Duty Earthmoving / Mining Equipment – such as Dozers.

Example Funding Scenario

  • DozerNew client was referred to us by an Equipment Dealer selling Dozers that we work closely with
  • This customer had been declined by their Bank Manager as they had reached their maximum borrowing capacity with that bank
  • Purchase Price – $1.6M (gst inc)
  • Self employed for 15 years
  • Equity in equipment – yes
  • Director a home owner – yes


  • Client emailed us the one page application
  • We requested a list of work contracts that were in place at the time
  • Financial statements were requested for the last five years
  • Finance approval was granted for the full amount of $1.6M allowing client to preserve cash flow for up and coming projects
  • Our approval allowed client to purchase an additional Dozer of which helped them complete projects that they had tendered on and had won

Please see below types of Dozers we have financed in times past:

Are you looking at new Dozers for sale or used Dozers for sale? Either way, please call one of our Asset Finance Consultants on 1300 788 740 so we can advise as to your funding options.

Good sources to find Dozers for sale in Australia, are through the following web sites, Just Heavy Equipment, Construction Sales, Trade Earthmovers, Machinery Sales and Machinery Auctions.