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Got A Minute?As a Commercial Finance Company specialising in the finance of Heavy Machinery, we have had the experience of financing many a Grader over the years. We have also had clients include the price of attachments such as GPS Equipment or Laser Levelling Equipment to their Grader purchase.


In the event of financing a Grader plus attachments, we request an invoice for the grader and then an invoice for the attachments from the respective suppliers. We put a finance approval in place for the full amount and then document as one contract or two –  i.e. one contract for the Grader and one for the attachments. The costs of the GPS Equipment could cost upward of $100K and we will document at the discretion of the client or their Accountant.

Example Funding Scenario

  • GraderAn existing client was seeking finance approval to purchase a 10 year old grader for the purpose of conducting a commercial subdivision. Normally the client would bring in a subcontractor for grader work, however they had done the numbers and would make more money securing their own Grader Machine – based on this subdivision and others that were coming up.
  • Purchase Price – $190,000 (gst inc)
  • Difficulties with this deal was that client had been operating only one year and the proposed grader was 10 years old
  •  Self employed for 1 year
  •  Equity in equipment – yes
  •  Director a home owner – yes


  •  We had all of client’s details on file as they were an existing customer.
  •  We requested first years trading figures from Accountant.
  •  Copy of work contracts that were current at the time.
  • Finance pre-approval was granted for the full amount of $190,000 allowing client to preserve cash flow for up and coming projects.
  • Given the fact client had not been in business for very long, a second mortgage was taken over client’s property.
  •  Our approval allowed client to purchase the Grader and save money on large payments to subcontractors.

Our office has provided Heavy Equipment Finance and Leasing for the following makes of Graders :

 We have a Leasing Finance Calculator that will give you an idea on approximate weekly payments relating to any new Grader for sale or any used Grader for sale.

 In order to proceed towards a finance approval, you can either call one of our Finance Consultants on 1300 788 740 or complete our ONLINE PRE-APPROVAL page of our web site.