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We are a specialised finance company providing great rates on Sprayer Machinery Finance for Farmers and Contractors working within the Farming Industry.

In addition to great rates, we can offer flexible payment options to our customers to ensure the payments coincide with cash flow needs. Payments can be structured annually, monthly or seasonally depending on the individual circumstances.


Example Funding Scenario – Sprayer Machinery Finance

  • Sprayer FinanceClient input their details via out online PRE-APPROVAL page of our website after finding us via the Internet.
  • This customer had read some articles relating to other types of Farm Machinery Finance that we had provided for other customers and decided to give us a go.
  • Purchase Price – $370,000 (gst inc)
  • Time in Farming – 17 years
  • Equity in the property – yes
  • Paying off other farm machinery – yes
  • Dealer Purchase – yes
  • Trading in an existing machine – yes

Outcome – Sprayer Machinery Finance

  • We took down a formal application over the phone.
  • Requested a copy of the sales contract from the dealer.
  • Based on the fact that this deal was a replacement commitment – we did not need to request financial statements from client’s accountant.
  • Deal was submitted to credit with an approval given the next day.
  • Documents prepared and the documents emailed to client for signing.
  • Settlement for the purchase of the machine went through 3 days later and the machine was transported to the farm.
  • Client was happy that we could facilitate Sprayer Machinery Finance on this deal, as their accountant had not completed updated financial statements. They did however require this new machine in order to spray their crop.

The different makes of Sprayers that we have financed are as follows:

Deals relating to Sprayer Machinery Finance can be complex and conditions can vary depending on a number of different factors. Please give us a call on 1300 788 740 to discuss your scenario, so we can steer you in the right direction.