No Doc Loan - Heavy Vehicle Finance Australia

What is a No Doc Loan?

No Doc Loans are Equipment Loans up to $250K, with No Financials or No Bank Statements.

This is a great product for businesses that need funding for trucks or heavy equipment when limited financial information is available.

No Doc Policy

Max loan amount $250K
ABN for 2 years
Property Owner (20% deposit for non-property owner)
No bank statements or financials
Private sales considered

Features of the No Doc Policy

  • Approvals within 2 hours
  • Limited amount of financial information required
  • Goods to be purchased through a dealer (no private sales)
  • Applicant to have no adverse credit history
  • Minimum credit score requirements (company score only)
  • No upfront deposit required
  • No finance reference required

Benefits of the No Doc Policy

  • 2 hour approvals
  • No need for accountant prepared financials or bank statements
  • If a major bank declined based on financials, client can still borrow up to $250K
  • Credit score is only based on the company and not the directors
  • No finance references required
  • No deposit for property owners but non property owners can still borrow with a 20% deposit
Easy Finance

Example of a No Doc Loan Application

  • New customer had deal declined with major bank due to payment deferrals on existing equipment loans
  • Client applied online and was issued a conditional approval within 2 hours
  • Purchase price of Prime Mover was $265,000 (gst inc)
  • Customer contributed a $15,000 deposit to keep total loan under the $250K cap
  • Finance Type – Chattel Mortgage
  • Term – 60 months
  • Balloon – 30%


  • Client was able to secure funding for a truck even when their existing bank connection had declined the deal
  • The acquisition of the additional truck allowed client to secure a work contract that would double their existing turnover
  • Quick turnaround meant client was able to make up for lost time with their initial application with the bank

Want to ask more questions about our No Doc Equipment Finance Product?

Our No Doc product gives customers in the transport and heavy industry, access to loan products that are not generally offered by the big four banks. We can on most occasions give customers funding options through a very fluid approach to assessing deals that fall within the No Doc framework.

To discuss our No Doc product in further detail, please call us on 1300 788 740 or simply input your details into our online pre-approval page for instant truck finance approval.