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Got A Minute?Heavy Duty Dozer Equipment is an item of Machinery that is often used on Mine sites to push up rock or minerals into large stock piles so that Wheeled Loaders have good access for the purpose of loading onto Dump Trucks. We can finance the additional costs associated with converting a Dozer for mine spec compliancy – ie fire protection, role of protection systems, reversing camera, two way radio, hi vis trimming and lights.


This area of Heavy Machinery Finance is very specialised, so in order for our clients to get the appropriate deal relevant to their individual situation, we have only our most Senior analysts assessing such deals. As this is the case, we historically have had a very high approval rate in this area and can assist clients whereby other Finance Companies fail to do so.

Example Funding Scenario

  • DozerMining Contractor came to our office via an online enquiry generated over the Internet, requesting finance for two additional Komatsu Dozers
  • Customer was advised by their Corporate Banking connection that the deal was declined as they had reached their peak lending with that particular Institution
  • Purchase Price – $2.2M (gst inc)
  • In business for 9 years
  • Equity in equipment – yes
  • Director a home owner – yes


  • Clients Accountants emailed us financial statements for the last 3 years.
  • Also provided was work contracts and detailed cash flow projections.
  • Approval of $2.2M (gst inc) was issued one week later.
  • Collateral security provided over other items of capital equipment.
  • As we managed to spread client’s financial risk, they were able to finance the two additional Komatsu Dozers in order to meet on going contracts. This increased their turnover for the next financial year, which facilitated further growth in the business.

Below are a few types of new and used Dozers we have provided Commercial Funding for in times past:

Please contact one of our Heavy Machinery Consultants on 1300 788 740 to discuss any funding scenarios relating to Dozer Finance. Moreover, you can complete our simple ONLINE PRE-APPROVAL form located at various places throughout our site.

Useful resources to find Dozers for sale in Australia, are web sites such as Construction Sales, Trade Earthmovers, Just Heavy Equipment, Ritchie Bros Auctions and Pickles Auctions.