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Got A Minute?We understand that Refrigerated Trucks play an important role in our society, as they facilitate the transportation of vital food supplies from wholesalers to shop fronts all across the country. We also would like to think that our Truck Finance Company forms an important role in our society, by offering quality financial solutions to those involved in the Food Transport Industry.


Being aligned to a Truck Finance Company like ours, will give clients access to the best Truck Loan rates available in the market, along with the knowledge that we are a stakeholder in our clients business – just like an Accountant or a Solicitor. This essentially allows our clients to put more effort into the day to day operations of their business.

Example Funding Scenario

  • Refrigerator TruckA large Transport Operator working for a well-known Australian Frozen Food Wholesaler, was looking to expand their current fleet of Trucks by purchasing an additional five Refrigerated Trucks.
  • Clients Bank Manager had declined the deal based the fact the deal was deemed too risky.
  • Purchase Price of 5 Refrigerated Trucks – $650,000 (gst inc)
  • Financials available
  • Self employed for 7 years
  • Equity in equipment – yes
  • Director a home owner – yes


  • We requested clients last three years financial statements from their Accountant.
  • An application over the phone.
  • A finance approval was granted two days later for the full $650,000 (gst inc).
  • Security the five Volvo FM7 Refrigerated Trucks and a second mortgage over director’s property.
  • No deposit required allowing client to borrow 100% of the purchase price and preserve cash flow.
  • If we did not get this deal through for our client, they may have been at risk of loosing their contract with the large Australian Food Wholesaler.

Below is a list of just some of the Refrigerated Trucks we have provided Heavy Vehicle Lease Finance for over the years:

A comprehensive list of new and used Refrigerated Trucks for sale in Australia can be found through web sites such as Truck World, Truck Sales or Trade Trucks.

To work out the approximate payments on any Refrigerated Truck purchase, please input the purchase price into our Truck Loan Repayment Calculator.