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Got A Minute?We finance B Double Semi Tipping Trailers for various Transport Operators in areas such as Civil Works and Grain Cartage. It is noted that operators that run Prime Mover and Semi Trailer combos have invested large amounts of capital in their business. As a result, our Commercial Truck and Trailer Finance packages are designed to assist our clients ensuring they get the best rates and a deal that is tailored to suit their business.


Often clients working in this area of Transport are away from home for long periods of time, making it difficult for them to co-ordinate their funding requirements. Our clients that spend long periods away from home, have the confidence in knowing that we are handling their funding needs whilst they are on the road earning money.

Example Funding Scenario

  • Tipping TrailerAn existing Grain Carting Contractor requested finance for a new set of Hamelex White B Double Semi Tipping Trailers as they needed to put on another combo for a bumper grain season.
  • Client advised that they needed a payment plan to suit their cash flow to work in with the grain seasons.
  • Purchase Price – $170,000 (gst inc)
  • Financials available
  • Self employed for 6 years
  • Equity in equipment – no
  • Director a home owner – yes


  • We already had clients financials and application details on file as they were an existing client.
  • A carefully constructed cash flow projection was prepared complete with full supporting assumptions.
  • A finance approval was granted two days later for the full $170,000 (gst inc).
  • Structured payment plan allowing client to make payments to the loan commensurate with payments they received during the grain season.
  • Security was the new Hamelex White B Double Semi Tipping Trailers.
  • No deposit required allowing client to borrow 100% of the purchase price and preserve cash flow.

Make of Semi Tipping Trailers we have organised Lease Finance for are as follows:

To source new Trailers for sale or second hand Trailers for sale in Australia please have a look at web sites such as Truck World , Truck Sales or Trade Trucks as they have a comprehensive list of Trailers for sale.

If you would like to discuss any funding scenario relating to Semi Trailer finance, please call one of our expert Finance Consultants on 1300 788 740.